Wednesday, March 19, 2014

November and December (I told you I would get around to it...)


November feels like it was seriously so long ago, but we had a lot of fun. The festivities were in full bloom. As most Novembers go, it was spent counting down until Thanksgiving. Jace had just started his surgery rotation and what people don't tell you about the 3rd year of medical school is, I will tell you right now, it's terrible! Well, the surgery rotation specifically. Jace was pretty much never home and when he was home he was playing catch-up on notes or sleep. We were basically just surviving so it helped when he got a 2 day little break in there for Thanksgiving. And it helped even more when  Dee dee and Trev came and stayed with us that weekend. Just having my sister here made everything seem easier. We made yummy food, went to a movie and went out to dinner which was so needed and the kids got to play with Uncle Trev who is one of the most fun people in the world! It was a short trip but was worth every minute and it meant so much to us that they came to the Cleve. I realized I didn't even get one picture of their visit though. How lame of me... and typical. But, here are some cute pictures of my kids haha!


This month was jam packed with things going on. Elliot's pre-school takes the kids on The Polar Express, it was seriously so magical! They sang and got hot chocolate and went to the North Pole. We got a surprise visit from Santa and he gave them a bell. And he had his first pre-school Christmas party and it was so awesome, he and Mae met Santa and got a gift. Jace got to be there which was special because he was still extremely busy with his surgery rotation. I was feeling the major strain of pregnancy and pretty much waddling everywhere and praying she would come early just to relieve some of my pain and discomfort. Jace finished his rotation on the 22nd of December and we were finally able to just relax and have some fun. Santa brought the kids bikes this year and they are obsessed! Gram and Pop got them a million books and an amazing bookshelf and Gma and Gpa Bullard got them a jumpoline, both gifts have saved us from this horrid Cleveland weather.We threw a Christmas day party and the kids loved having friends over to play with.  My birthday came and went with an amnio (we thought we were going to have a New Year's Eve baby, but her lungs weren't developed enough so we had to post-pone unducing me for a week) and a fun dinner out with our good friends. The next night we enjoyed a fun New Year's Eve at home with some friends instead in the hospital having a baby. I was a little bummed at the time but looking back I am so glad we didn't have to squeeze one more thing into that month! Here are some pictures, some of them were taken with mine and Jace's Christmas gift to each other, a new camera!

Elliot and Mae's 1st movie in the theater (dollar theater) Planes!

Us on The Polar Express


This was his school party- so much fun!

Christmas Eve

Putting cookies by the tree.

Christmas morning! Love. this.

She would not get off this bike ALL morning, she wouldn't even eat breakfast haha!

Lovely Mae

Riding his bike

So cool!
Sledding with Dad! 

 We had some seriously fun holidays this year. We have learned that our time together is precious and some of the most simple things make the best memories. It is so fun to have kids during this magical season, they make things more exciting! We feel so blessed to have each other even though we are far from home, our holidays were really special. Now my next post should involve our new little sweetie. Hopefully soon!

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  1. We miss you guys so much! We would have lots of fun together if you lived closer. Thank you for updating your blog. We always love reading what you've been up too. We can't wait to hear about Wren's arrival in your next post:) Love you! The Robles'