Thursday, April 10, 2014

January and February and a proud momma!


So, I know my last post was about the excitement of January, and our new little one, but alas, that was not all, there was more fun to be had! Remember the part where I had Wren the day before Mae's birthday, well we couldn't let Mae's 2nd birthday sneak by without a party now could we? (Looking back we probably could have haha, but at least she can never say I forgot about her.) So, I had Wren on a Tuesday and left the hospital the next night. My parents were coming to town that Friday and we were planning on having Mae's birthday party that Saturday. I had already gotten everything ready for the party before I went into the hospital so all we had to do was bake a cake. Easy. What we weren't ready for was the sick bug that had been going around while I was busy having a baby. Unfortunately, it got to our house Saturday morning and it wasn't pretty. By the time people showed-up to celebrate Mae's birthday, she had come down with a fever. Poor little thing didn't even play or talk to anyone. She barely even had cake or wanted to open presents. She just sat with Pop and dad on the couch while her party went on without her. The fever later turned into a double ear infection and bronchitis. It was a pretty rough few nights back from the hospital, but we were hopeful it was just going to pass quickly. Then, it hit Elliot. We spent almost the entire week that my parents were here, awake all night and all day with sick kids and a newborn. Luckily, they were here to lighten our load though. I don't think I could have survived without them. We did have a good time though. In between sick kids my mom and dad took care of just about everything you can imagine, while Jace and I tried to balance the kids and new baby and ourselves. There is nothing better than parents when you have a new baby! They left and it was really hard to see them go. But, we endured and we were all feeling good and getting the hang of things for a day or two and then sick bug #2 hit us even harder. Suddenly Mae started throwing-up. There was puke and poo everywhere for about 48 hours. Then she started to feel better. Then Elliot started throwing-up. We repeated the cycle, 48 hours and we thought we would finally be in the clear. Then I started throwing-up. So, because Jace was back to his rotation, I had two toddlers taking care of me and I was taking care of a newborn. It was seriously awful. But, I am here to say we made it through January and I hope to never see a month like that again! Here are a few pictures of the "good-times" from January.

This was the morning my parents came. We just pretended it was her real birthday.

I know it's blurry but I had to catch this running hug!

Wish I had more pictures of my parents' visit. But. I was a little preoccupied with a new baby for the majority of the prime picture moments.

Gifts from Gram and Pop the night before her party. She was still feeling okay at this point.

Mae's 2nd birthday party was balloon themed. Turns out she was terrified of all the balloons haha!

Jace making his ugly camera face haha! And poor Mae, wanting nothing to so with her party.

I think she was about to call it quits at this point.

The party people!

After we put Mae to bed and everyone left, Elliot said, "I loved Mae's party!" At least someone had fun. (I'm sure it had to do with the 4 cupcakes he ate, little stinker.)


After a month like January we were ready for some improvement. And luckily February got better. Jace was well into his internal medicine rotation which was proving to be a little less crazy than the last. Wren had started to get into a little better routine and the kids were doing well with another sibling. Jace's birthday is the first week in February, so we had a little celebration. I am trying so hard to remember what we did, but cannot for the life of me. All I remember is I got him a s'mores maker and he was pretty much in heaven. The next weekend came quickly and we got to celebrate Valentine's day in the company of Jace's entire family. They surprised us a few weeks before and told us that everyone, even Shayne and Chalise in California were making the trip. It was good to have family again. We got family pictures taken, blessed Wren and just really enjoyed their company. With all of us in different places we never know when we might all be in the same place again. Here are a few pictures from their trip.

Wren was not having it on her blessing day, haha!

This is the happiest she looked I think.

Awe, Uncle Quinn.

I forgot to mention the best part of January (Yes, there were a few small victories!) Mae got rid of diapers! I'm sure you are thinking, "Why, after a month like January, would you want to start potty-training?" The answer is, I didn't. Mae on the other hand became so ready she wouldn't back down. She refused to wear diapers and started wearing Elliot's Car's underwear until I got her some girl ones. She only had a few accidents the 1st day, then maybe 2 the 2nd day and by the 3rd day, she was going all by herself. I was so proud of that little woman! She is truly the most stubborn, relentless person I know. She WILL NOT give-up, even if it's in everyone's best interest (like getting dressed all by herself even if it takes much longer and we are already late for preschool...) But, in this case it paid off! She is growing up so fast!

Day 1

Day: 2

Yup, Car's unders.

Day: 3

Day: 4

I think she had just gone poo on the toilet, we were clearly very excited for her.

Checking out the snow.

We had about 50 snow days here in Ohio, this was about as close as we got to going outside for a few weeks haha!

Please notice Elliot is wearing pants. We don't normally make it a habit to wear no pants, only on really special occasions haha (like potty training.)

Well, that about sums things up. Hopefully I can get around to March and April soon! Luckily it's starting to warm up here and we are looking forward to playing outside and hopefully taking some pictures of our Ohio spring, which is one of things I love most about living here.

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